Greed and the real estate boom in Boothbay Maine


I was recently in an online dialogue in my local community where I encountered a developer willfully oblivious to the warnings from the state and the town water department concerning the danger posed by further development to Boothbay’s two water supplies.

The warnings came in five years ago when the development on the peninsula was already occurring at a faster than average pace and before the Botanical Gardens built a parking lot in the watershed and the Country Club developer finagled a dysfunctional rearrangement of roads in the center of town to his advantage.

The developer whom I shall call…


Today there is a cloud of topics floating around in my head and I am wondering which is the starting point of this story and so I begin in the present where I am pondering how to begin.

I started writing on Medium because I have a mission to preserve my family's historical hand-crafted ceramic art and design business into the future. My motivation for doing so is simple, or at least it was in the beginning. My mission began with a love for the work process for which I am very grateful for having been given such a life…


In the Beginning:

The true history of eleventh-century civilization is a source of inspiration for contemporary apocalypse dramas. After five centuries of living in danger and uncertainty, walls were built around the town, so that the populous could focus on living rather than surviving. The church was the center of the community, attracting fairs, incorporating a marketplace and theatre, into its orbit. Technology had not developed to the stage that it required concentrated capital beyond the means of the ordinary citizen or town, creating an egalitarian society with a locally based economy in which wealth was created through production. Artisans and tradespeople typically…

An Independent Journey

Mackenzie Andersen by Mackenzie Andersen

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Cultural Background

I was raised in a business in a home, established in 1952 on the coast of Maine. as a complete product development system from design to marketplace. Production started with bags of raw materials mixed into glazes and casting slip, using original recipes, designed by my Dad. and poured into original mold designs to create ceramic functional forms and sculptures, which were then marketed in-house to wholesale and retail markets.

The Andersen Design enterprise was formulated as an S corporation and located in a…

The copacetic way of saying "government controlled by those who rule the markets: is public-private relationships" and you are right, it is written into statutes and legalized. It is the same as an oligarchy but that name has a bad rep . "Public-private relationships" is socially acceptable.

I keep thinking about your Air B&B business idea, and have to weigh in on it, as it is getting under my skin.

First of all it is not an original category, other than if the person rents it in conjunction with a a living space which is not original either. Both of these categories already exist in Maine.

One is done by the State in the form of start-up communes, sharing administrative services, without the living accommodations. Behind the scenes of the start-up communes, that no one talks about, but I know about because of my independent research, all…

In the past America was on the gold standard. Now we are on fiat currency. Adjusting the way that wealth is distributed into the economy as an opportunity to get richer from the top toward the roots makes more sense.

Even though I am also opposed to the oligarchy and that "jobs" today are construed to mean corporate jobs, and nothing else, that is partly because there is so much corporate welfare. which, unlike social welfare is directed at opportunities to get richer, not merely distributed as living rations.

The covid stimulus is redistributing wealth directly into the roots of…

I read the 2018 article by the IMF that you linked. I would not call it a declaration of war. It is more the other way around. Cryptocurrency advocates have declared war on fiat currency and central banking, and especially the US dollar that they want to bring down.

The IMF article is an assessment of the current state of money. It gives a fair analysis of both sides and basically says that the way to make fiat currency competitive is to manage it well.

There are dangers caused by human character in whatever systems involve humans.

Digital currency is a new technology. Why wouldn't central bankers look into and include that technology in their system? That is called innovation. Technology is there for anyone to make use of.

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Mackenzie Andersen

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