In the Great Resignation, the historical and the future reconnaissance in the disruptive reconstruction of a better world to come.

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The Industrial Revolution is the matrix of discontent that connects several seemingly disparate historical movements that reacted against the large industrial factories that eventually morphed into the corporate world order, dividing the entire world into developed and developing nations, and low-income and high-income labor markets, countries, and people that produce…

I coined the term-” Public-Private-For-Profit-Non-Profit Wealth Concentration & Distribution Industrial Complex” because the system needed a name.

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But it’s too long. For short, I call it the Complex, which means the systemic wealth concentration and redistribution system, a product of the centrally managed economy by and for public-private relationships. …

Subtheme: The Time Has Come for a National Conversation About Large Non-Profit Corporations and Employee Compensation

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The 1984 movie, Nineteen Eighty-Four, is based on George Orwell’s novel of the same name written in 1948. Today it could be titled Twenty Twenty-Four as the trajectory of history is heading quickly toward creating a society, not unlike the one depicted in Orwell’s novel.

But it’s not necessarily so…

A Winter Fair in Boothbay, Maine is timed just right to be the harbinger of a new world order rising from the roots.

Slip cast baby seagull by Andersen Design is a simple bulb-like form with a beak, finished in a spotted texture the Andersen’s natural brown slip technique with ebony glazed eyes and an ochre beak
A Vintage Baby Gull purchase it online or at the Boothbay Winter Faire Photo by Mackenzie Andersen

This weekend we participated in the first annual Boothbay Winter Faire on the Commons, like pagans and gypsies emerging from the mists of history, taking back the town, giving new life to a long tradition that is the milieu of the designer craftsmen movement going back to Medieval times when…

Mackenzie Andersen

Its a long story . What is most important is first in in about section on

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