I find support for home businesses in unexpected places

I have been trying to read the Camoin Report- a development plan for the Boothbay Peninsula in Maine.

A local public-private group calling itself the Joint Economic Community Development council for Boothbay and Boothbay Harbor (JECD) spent 79000.00 of taxpayers’ money to hire New York consultants to prepare a plan for our community.

My initial reaction was that a remote consultant firm cannot create as relevant a development plan as someone who knows the community well, but in all fairness, the report does a decent job of representing all views in the community, more so than we usually get from…

Greed and the real estate boom in Boothbay Maine

I was recently in an online dialogue in my local community where I encountered a developer willfully oblivious to the warnings from the state and the town water department concerning the danger posed by further development to Boothbay’s two water supplies.

The warnings came in five years ago when the development on the peninsula was already occurring at a faster than average pace and before the Botanical Gardens built a parking lot in the watershed and the Country Club developer finagled a dysfunctional rearrangement of roads in the center of town to his advantage.

The developer whom I shall call…

Today there is a cloud of topics floating around in my head and I am wondering which is the starting point of this story and so I begin in the present where I am pondering how to begin.

I started writing on Medium because I have a mission to preserve my family's historical hand-crafted ceramic art and design business into the future. My motivation for doing so is simple, or at least it was in the beginning. My mission began with a love for the work process for which I am very grateful for having been given such a life…

An Independent Journey

This Profile is an enhanced version of my Remote Working Profile sponsored on Data Driven Investor

Cultural Background

I was raised in a business in a home, established in 1952 on the coast of Maine. as a complete product development system from design to marketplace. Production started with bags of raw materials mixed into glazes and casting slip, using original recipes, designed by my Dad. and poured into original mold designs to create ceramic functional forms and sculptures, which were then marketed in-house to wholesale and retail markets.

The Andersen Design enterprise was formulated as an S corporation and located in a…

Since I have been on Medium I have read some of the ubiquitous stories about how to be a success on Medium, by which the measure of success is making a lot of money.

The first piece of advise is to publish every day but I like to build a story, which takes me in a direction that I must discover along the way. This involves writing in different moods and restructuring it all into something cohesive. The common amount of time it takes to compose a piece is a week.

So I decided to try Substack. The first piece…

Missing in this discussion is the value of producing something, which used to be how wealth was said to be created.

Money is only an instrument of exchange of human productivity. Before money, we had to rely on a barter system which as civilization evolves becomes too complex to be practical. If you make shoes and want a computer, without money to use as an instrument of exchange, the shoemaker would have to devise a long trail of exchanges in order to acquire a computer and vise versa.

Today many discussions leave the true source of wealth out of the…

I like that etherum has a use beyond storage, as that makes bitcoin sound like little more than a financial asset and not a currency-. It is irritating me a great deal these days that bitcoin advocates are promoting it as the coin that will bring down the US dollar, and along with that the US government. Sorry not interested in a world without the USA. even though, like everyone and everything else the USA has its problems.

You say "Take Maker for example. Through Maker, users can collateralize Ether into a stablecoin pegged to the U.S. Dollar called Dai." I am not sure what you mean by "pegged" .to the dollar.

Also you did not define "ether". I am guessing it means the etherum platform.

I started blogging over a decade ago because I saw that the mainstream media in a centrally managed state gives almost total dominance to the view if the public-private state,, as if all the news is state news-just another arm of government.

So I decided to create an alternate voice and I did not expect a mass audience but neither did I expect to be immediately noticed by central management. I won't relay the long history of being noticed but suffice it to say I think it is extremely audacious that central management actually believes it can supervise what I…

The copacetic way of saying "government controlled by those who rule the markets: is public-private relationships" and you are right, it is written into statutes and legalized. It is the same as an oligarchy but that name has a bad rep . "Public-private relationships" is socially acceptable.

Mackenzie Andersen

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