Newsbreak’s robotic company culture cannot compute the grass growing on the forest floor.

Screen Shpt of what I currently see when I open my Newsbreal App bu aithor

I am a naive romantic person and so when Newsbreak came about I envisioned a new media that would be a melding of the many voices of social media with mainstream, a twenty-first-century media that was more connected with the authentic human narrative than its predecessor, but of course, I…

Plus a local story about concerns for protecting the newly installed grass carpet from grassroots entrepreneurs using the Commons in Boothbay Maine

Johnny Mcclung Unsplash

Continuing the thoughts in my recent substack post about the Boothbay Water District’s announcement of a potential water scarcity spun as a solution under development while the real problem (impending water scarcity) was not explained in any detail approaching adequate.

In another recent Boothbay Register article Ziagra and other officials…

A paradigm alternative to central management orthodoxy for the development of a rural Maine peninsula.

Original Prototype design of a Wine Decanter by Weston Neil Andersen in glaze designed by Weston in the late 1940s Image by Mackenzie Andersen

In Boothbay, Maine, the consortium of interests which I have nicknamed the JECD Party likes to use the word “history” as a talking point, but in the way that they use it, it is devoid of content. …

An Independent Journey

Mackenzie Andersen by Mackenzie Andersen

This Profile is an enhanced version of my Remote Working Profile sponsored on Data Driven Investor

Cultural Background

I was raised in a business in a home, established in 1952 on the coast of Maine. as a complete product development system from design to marketplace. Production started with bags of raw materials…

Since my specialty is the centrally managed government, which is also just one big corporation that is tax payer subsidized, and seems like a deeply entrenched old worn out paradigm that is due a good boot, I get a kick out of observing that the boot is coming from the…

I truly enjoyed reading this. I identify. When I was in my late teens I used to go through periods of depression. One night I had a dream that there was a large black monster following me around . I knew I could push it over the cliff but I…

AirBnb is the worst thing that ever happened to affordable housing so I am glad to hear that in the end providing a full time living space for someone worked out the best for you and you have found a purpose greater than monetary enrichment, I am sure your tenant…

I have never made an income on Medium and my stories receive barely any distribution so I cannot speak to changes in income- no income is still the same.

I feel the membership is worth it for the reading and community.

However as the platform expands its subscribers the quality of the experience goes down, even though it is still worth it. The platform can only afford to provide an income for the few and yet wants to expand, expand, expand, in competition with other corporate platforms doing the same thing.

Who knows where that leads?

I prefer being a boat on land and a fish in the water- literally since I still actually swim in the water filled with kayaks and other similar devices but I like being immersed in the sea.

Mackenzie Andersen

Its a long story . What is most important is first in in about section on

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