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Mackenzie Andersen

What’s the real plan?

Boothbay Maine, a political faction made up of developers, realtors. town leaders and assorted politicians are promoting a fifty million dollar school system on a peninsula with two water supplies rated as endangered by further development, and hosting the smallest youth population anywhere in the USA.

Like a worn-out political edifice, a rubric of ever-expanding centralization stands on propped up stilts as the waters around it swirl, the changing tides demanding to be heard, but the edifice doesn’t heed. Its course was set in stone, eons ago, let the waters roar.

The purpose of education has been usurped and codified…

Navigating the currents of shifting tides between Medium and Newsbreak

When I first joined Medium, it seemed like a place of ideas. There are still ideas on Medium but as of late everything seems to be drowned out by articles about making money on Medium, and I am hating the place. Supposedly the algorithms decide what we will see in our stream proving that algorithms are clueless when it comes to understanding humans. Perhaps that is why Medium recently added the ability to save stories on one’s profile in categories of lists, as a human method of determining what people value. That gives some hope for Medium, but the real…

A paradigm alternative to central management orthodoxy for the development of a rural Maine peninsula.

In Boothbay, Maine, the consortium of interests which I have nicknamed the JECD Party likes to use the word “history” as a talking point, but in the way that they use it, it is devoid of content. What have our political leaders and organizations ever had to say about history, other than to call ordinances protecting the working waterfront “archaic”?

Andersen Design is part of the history of the Peninsula as well as of a worldwide historical movement and philosophy of economic and community development. Founded on Southport Island, Maine in 1952, and moving to East Boothbay in 1958. Andersen…

An Independent Journey

This Profile is an enhanced version of my Remote Working Profile sponsored on Data Driven Investor

Cultural Background

I was raised in a business in a home, established in 1952 on the coast of Maine. as a complete product development system from design to marketplace. Production started with bags of raw materials mixed into glazes and casting slip, using original recipes, designed by my Dad. and poured into original mold designs to create ceramic functional forms and sculptures, which were then marketed in-house to wholesale and retail markets.

The Andersen Design enterprise was formulated as an S corporation and located in a…

This is the smartest move yet for a platform to try to get writers to write about something besides making money and going viral on the platform. I hope the project itself has the effect of centering the subject matter of content on this platform toward why we write in the first place- before it is about money. If it does that everybody wins.

I don't think the discussion about UBI is properly framed as " a basic income to every American" It makes more sense as a wealth redistribution corrective to issue a basic income to everyone at or below median income.

The fact is that we live in a wealth redistribution society, and that is not going to change overnight if ever, considering many other factors such as automation.

Wealth can be distributed from the top-down as a "trickle down effect" as it has been since at least the seventies while the wealth divide has continued to expand.

Or it can be…

IQuote: " request everyone who has not been a part of this writer program to not get upset. This will lead you nowhere."

Actually that is wrong and the reason for getting up set is being sick of all the articles about making money and the pontlessness of people talking about an invitation only bonus.

I don't think writers take orders about what they are supposed to say or not say. I say whatI think abput the steady diet of making money andnow I have gave up and save my other content writing for Newsbreak and Substack and only post…

I did not ask you to follow me. My invitation was directed to those who believe that local news is absolutely important- clearly NOT you.

You are right I was not talking about Medium support I was talking about Newsbreak support since Newsbreak uses the term "views" while Medium uses the term "reads" and neither measures for the term "bounces" although Medium does measure average reading time for a story.

Since you are implying that I am lying about having a conversation with support, it was in response to asking why some stories have a one-to-one ratio of impressions to…

The big issue for me with the S500 and $200 bonuses is that they have greatly destroyed the creative atmosphere of Medium by adding another monetary subject for those considered to be valuable contributors' by the Medium algorithm to write about.

I only clicked on your article because it said you didn't get it and then it turned out that you did get the earlier bonus. …

Mackenzie Andersen

Its a long story . What is most important is first in in about section on

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