The Power and the Beauty of the Working Class

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The Present State of the Of the Working Entrepreneurial Class

Once there was a popular phrase for a conceptual ideal. It was “to earn a living doing what one loves”, but that phrase was replaced with the concept of winning the quality job lottery wherein one works for higher pay and benefits than those who are subsidizing the quality job.

Home sweet home, When only people on passive incomes can afford a modestly spacious home, we've got a revolt on our hands.

There is a movement in the generation entering the workforces called FIRE, standing for Finacial Independence Retire Early- the goal is to retire by forty, about the age when corporate employees start to worry about being considered over the hill.

This generation has never known what it is like to…

A casual study of the 990 forms of local nonprofits creates context in a field reinventing itself

My family has a long history of involvement with craft movements on both the British and the American side, This is a page of a journal of the branch of the Camden-Rockland branch of the Maine Craftsmen Association dated 1948, Dad arrived on Southport Island in 1952 and was the last person to keep this journal, thus we have it in our possession. After that, my father helped to form the Boothbay Art Foundation, which still exists today.

For some, the word museum conjures up a large building of institutional character representative of power and wealth, but in my heart, that style leaves me cold, and fearful that the purpose of the museum will all too quickly evolve toward the interests of the institution rather than the community…

Dopesick Timeline parsed with the history of Public-Private Corporate Corruption in Maine

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In recent news, Kamilla Harris has been leading the Biden immigration policy, hobnobbing around behind a gridlocked Congress by working with private sector megacorporations, a notoriously bad idea that sounds rosy on paper.

As this is transpiring, so is the court case against Purdue Pharma for its role in the…

Mackenzie Andersen

Its a long story . What is most important is first in in about section on

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