A big part of this picture is the role played by State Legislatures which create corporate welfare incentives. Since Maine was transformed into a centrally managed economy in 1976- it has been using a single valued definition of a “quality job” which is a job which pays higher than average wages and benefits”. Companies that provide X number of “quality jobs” qualify for expanding corporate welfare gift packages.

It is no surprise that expanding corporate welfare across the nation has resulted in a company like Amazon that was offered highly competitive corporate welfare packages from a large majority of states when it ran it’s national corporate headquarters contest in 2018. While Amazon is known for its higher than average wages and benefits, it is also known for its working conditions to rival the 19th century factories that made Marxism so popular. “Working conditions” have no consideration in the value system advanced by Maine’s corporate welfare state that globalized its corporate welfare on local taxpayers backs in response to the Amazon headquarters contest.

It is reasonable to surmise that the reason Amazon offers high wages is because it is tied to high end packages of corporate welfare negotiated by State legislatures which have no value system beyond that of the dollar.

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