A Series of Events Unexpectedly Interrupted

Rest In Peace My Dear Sister.

Mackenzie Andersen
10 min readMay 7, 2023
Art by Elise Isabel Andersen

I have been interrupted from recording this ongoing stream of consciousness by external events, one being that I must get a Kickstarter project going to finance hiring of the equity firm that I talked about in this post. My project has been approved by The Field and it was supposed to start on May 1st, but I have been overwhelmed by other things including the local elections and the disappointing representation that will be more of the same.

After asking many times over of many different leaders the whereabouts of the new school charter for the public to read, and receiving no answer, I figured out that the leaders had sent the charter to the Legislature, which meant it should be found on Maine Bill Search, by putting “ Boothbay “ into the Title field. l soon discovered that the new school charter repeals our local school charter and does not replace it so that our school system is entirely governed by state law, raising concerns over whether this might also affect our rights to a municipal vote over the 100-million-dollar-school.

I wrote to my Legislators making it an FOAA Request since my experience has been that is the way to get a response.

I wrote this:

This is an FOAA request for information pertaining to how I



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