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  • Din Relik

    Din Relik

    CDO and Co-founder Interactive Design company

  • Cybridge


    Attorney/Consultant specializing in Public Policy.

  • Cher Hin Chong

    Cher Hin Chong

    A software developer who has found penchant in writing.

  • Salim C

    Salim C

    Financial Markets. Investing. Tech. Media. News. https://medium.com/p/d14174d05a8 Fitness. Food. Health. Languages. Designs. Storytelling.

  • Stuart Grant

    Stuart Grant

    disparate parts coalescing toward a greater meaning in the pursuit of a fully realized life

  • Mhstuart


    Nobody special, just someone who likes to write and make art.

  • Rachael Bao

    Rachael Bao

    With 2 A’s. She/her. Oft autocorrected, but great SEO! Married for spellability, remarried for Pizza. I miss sewing with Dad and watching Star Trek with Mom.

  • Ronan Cray

    Ronan Cray

    Ronan Cray lives in New Zealand. Author of horror novels Red Sand and Dust Eaters, he finds non-fiction more terrifying.

  • Michael Mignano

    Michael Mignano

    Co-Founder, Anchor and angel investor to 50+ startups. Former head of talk audio at Spotify.

  • Jonathan Garner

    Jonathan Garner

    Finance/Investing/Economics blogger. I’m also a Philosophy of Religion blogger:https://jonathandavidgarner.wordpress.com/

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