Humpty Dumpty? Can Intermingling Currents of Decentralization Capsize a Corporate State?

Can the dark side of innovation survive the gathering mist of decentralization?

Mackenzie Andersen
12 min readJan 22


William Wallace Denslow, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

I didn’t make a New Year’s Resolution, and I didn’t consciously decide that I would make a concerted effort to self-promote, the force just suddenly took over my consciousness.

When operating a small but very complex business like Andersen Design, one learns to manage on auto. One can pour water in the casting slip without measuring and be right on the mark of the hydrometer reading 99% of the time, or one can forget about something that one is timing without a timer and remember it suddenly at just the right time and one can suddenly decide to self-promote at a moment when the forces converge in one’s favor.

When there are too many functions going on to occupy your conscious mind trust the inherent subliminal management processes because the mind is a very complex organization with many subsidiaries.

Self-promotion kicked in autonomously until the results became overwhelming and I said Stop! WHOA! slow down! it’s been great but- I need a pause.

Stillness in Motion Public Domain Vectors

One of the encouraging results of my foray is that I applied for a platform called Upcarta where people on the people’s list mostly seem to be founders, philosophers, and the famous who create curated lists of content.

I was most surprised when I gained a follower within half an hour after I applied before there was a chance to be accepted, let alone publish. The follower is the author of an academic paper about government intervention in the pricing practices of online platforms in Turkey which relates to the subjects that I write about.

Being so overwhelmed by the results of my sudden and unexpected foray into self-promotion, I did not notice that I have already been accepted on the platform yesterday until I searched the name in my email history today. My follower is B. Gokce (Ucar) Idiman, Head of Community @Upcarta and she wants to know if I would like to schedule a twenty-minute…



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