I don't think the discussion about UBI is properly framed as " a basic income to every American" It makes more sense as a wealth redistribution corrective to issue a basic income to everyone at or below median income.

The fact is that we live in a wealth redistribution society, and that is not going to change overnight if ever, considering many other factors such as automation.

Wealth can be distributed from the top-down as a "trickle down effect" as it has been since at least the seventies while the wealth divide has continued to expand.

Or it can be distributed from the roots- unconditionally and not affected by any other considerations - only to the economic sector at or below median income.

It is not just about eliminating poverty it is about expanding opportunity to include the roots of society. UBI would be an opportunity for the bottom half of the economy. No strings attached- unconditional- see what happens. It should not be assumed that some will not use the opportunity in a grassroots entrepreneurial way. You say fiat money is printed out of thin air but fiat money is a currency. According to the old school, wealth is created when something is produced. If you give someone a small amount of capital and they use that small amount of capital to create something that produces a profit- that is wealth creation- out of thin air - if you will.

As for education- it's is a racket today. I just published my own post on the public-private workforce training special interest racket that education has become. If you are interested it's on the top of my profile.

Its a long story . What is most important is first in in about section on www.andersendesign.biz