IQuote: " request everyone who has not been a part of this writer program to not get upset. This will lead you nowhere."

Actually that is wrong and the reason for getting up set is being sick of all the articles about making money and the pontlessness of people talking about an invitation only bonus.

I don't think writers take orders about what they are supposed to say or not say. I say whatI think abput the steady diet of making money andnow I have gave up and save my other content writing for Newsbreak and Substack and only post on Medium stories about writing- plus republishing the stories I post on Substack or Newsbreak.

The stories with Newsbreak in the title get my most views on Medium- my other content stories not so muuch but they get views on Sunstack and NewsBreak so Medium is just an extra for what its worth.

However my followers are increasing at a faster rate than ever before- mostly in response to my comments "getting upset" about how writing about writing has destroyed the reader value of Medium.

So you are wrong, Getting upset does not lead to nowhere. It leads to a steady increase in followers on Medium but I wish it were Newsbreak because I need 200 followers on Newsbreak so I can apply for paid status.

Its a long story . What is most important is first in in about section on