It's more than ironic that at the time that Andersen Design, a company established with the philosophy of creating a hand made product affordable to the middle classes, during an era when America had a middle class, (1950's) and which has always operated our production as an art form and as a business in a home, (excepting a period when we had a production space in Portland , Maine after our local community would not allow us to build a larger production on our own property/).

When we applied to Fractured Atlas ,we were trying to save that production in a home from being taken by a reverse mortgage. We applied to Fractured Atlas as a social enterprise.. This, as I recently learned, coincided with the time frame when Fractured Atlas is reinventing itself as a venture capitalist organization.

The opaque board of wealthy New Yorkers , who makes the final decision, was protected from any direct interaction with the applicants, The intermediary between the opaque board and the applicant was highly confident based on our decades long history of teaching the science and art of ceramics on the job to unskilled workers. However after taking an inordinately long time to decide, the board rejected us citing only my use of the word "production" on the application,. The opaque board deemed "production: to mean "one is only in it for the money". They did not even bother to post this redefinition on the website. How is the applicants to know that the meaning of a word has been changed if FA does not publish its new definitions on line so that applicants can know?

All the while, That FA is deeming our ceramic designer craftsmen small business to be motivated solely by money, FA is jumping into the waters of ventured capitalism with its sites on "tech" just like the rest of the "angel investors' world, and by tech, is meant exclusively new tech because that is where billions are to be made! Does the board of FA think that new tech does not involve a productive capacity? Or do they just think that because production has been relegated to the developing world, that production doesn't actually exist in the field of financial assets, relegated to the developed world?

How did I discover this just now? Because I am working on a post about Fiscal Sponsorship. Stayed tuned.

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