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Mackenzie Andersen
11 min readJan 8, 2022

The Power and the Beauty of the Working Class

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The Present State of the Of the Working Entrepreneurial Class

Once there was a popular phrase for a conceptual ideal. It was “to earn a living doing what one loves”, but that phrase was replaced with the concept of winning the quality job lottery wherein one works for higher pay and benefits than those who are subsidizing the quality job.

To earn a living doing what one loves means to be engaged in one’s income-producing work as a meaningful activity.

As earning a living doing what one loves fell by the wayside, the phrase was deleted from the ensuing versions of the NewSpeak promoted by the overlords and masters of the new world order. It is much easier to rate the quality of something when there is only one criterion to satisfy and it is best when the singular criterion is that in which the overlords excel, monetary measures.

Today the most popular term for the smallest size business is “side hustle”. It represents an escape route from a life perceived to be doomed to working a job, quality, or otherwise. It means working for oneself- becoming an entrepreneur.

“Side-hustle” means individualized independence but it misses the meaning of making a living doing what one loves to do.

The side hustle terminology is bad branding of the partitioner’s own making. It is called a “side” hustle because the practitioner develops a business on the side while he/she works a job. The naming of the activity is generated from within the hierarchial world rather than centered in its own ground.

“Hustle” is the worst part of the term, evoking a hustler associated with dubious motivations and not quite trustworthy. The term suggests something that is done only for money, with no other purpose

However, the lack of a linguistic signifier does not mean the un-signified does not exist. the un-signified retreats from the pod and becomes nearly invisible as a single seed, that by fortunate happenstance is watered by a passing storm and grows.

Mackenzie Andersen

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