Production and Consumerism in High Culture

This Eating Duck is included in our Vintage Fundraiser, priced to afford to launch a mug project with an existing American slip casting studio
This Eating Duck is being saved for reference for our proposed outdoor art sculpture
Doe with Fawn by Elise Isabel Andersen
Heron Sculpture by Weston Neil Andersen

The Serf’s Story:

Jeff Koons is the reigning star of postmodernism in the eighties and beyond. In August of 2012, The New York Times published I Was Jeff Koons’s Studio Serf by John Powers. Powers was a twenty one year old art student at the time he worked for Koons. He painted the cracked Egg oil paining by Koons. Koons described himself as “an idea person”, The art is in the idea, separated from the act of producing the idea, like the intellect is separated from animals. Powers describes his job painting Koon’s paintings in similar terms used by Amazon distribution workers, describing their jobs imitating robots.

Leaning Mug by Weston, the white glaze falls over the hand carved nautilus as a happenstance of nature.


Weston Neil Andersen was raised on an Iowan farm in the era before farming was over taken by corporate interests. Weston and Brenda were fortunate in establishing Andersen Design at the pinnacle of the American middle class, when, as Dad often told, the greatest amount of wealth was distributed among the greatest number of people. Dad would often remember the days of his youth as a time when the community spirit was greater and the food was better and one would forget, as he said so, that he was talking about the depression. Even then he was fortunate to live in a town which had two banks with $1000.00 each, but he also told stories of forlorn wanderers, passing through, whom grandfather provided with jobs on the farm. In that simple story is a key concept; We are all humanity’s saving grace, if we choose to be so. We may not be able to deterministically affect the larger forces that create the human condition but within our local environment, individual to individual, we make a difference. My father’s reaction to the changes during his time was to create something which preserved the values, he felt to be inherently better than those being heralded in with the industrial revolution. Today we have moved on to the digital revolution, but the transitional issues of working process values remain the same.

The Leaning Nautilus Mug by Weston Neil Andersen

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