Since my specialty is the centrally managed government, which is also just one big corporation that is tax payer subsidized, and seems like a deeply entrenched old worn out paradigm that is due a good boot, I get a kick out of observing that the boot is coming from the workforces them selves.

The workforce has been used as the justification for the whole corrupt publicly subsidized corporate structure of our economy. All is justified as serving the public benefit by creating jobs and yet since this public-private corporate structure was put into place in the seventies, we have seen the transformation of a "living wage" from meaning a working wage that covers a place to live, automobile, college education and more to a society where if you want a place to live you better have a passive income because one can no longer afford such things on a working wage, especially not home ownership, after the entire economy has been subsidizing the ownership of the means of production for far too long.

The fact that the workers are revolting against this system- the ones who are purported to be the public benefit justification for the system, and yet as historical evidence shows, is actually the victim, is a very interesting phenomena. It doesn't seem to have an underlying plan but to be just driven by force of will. "We have had enough and aren't taking it any more!"

Keep it up. I hope it succeeds, who else but the workers themselves will bring about a better world?

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