So all the unpaid Medium contributing writers are now paying the top earners a bonus- or does Medium have another source to cover this fund?

I do not even feel inspired to write for Medium any more because I can't come up with a story about making a gazzilion dollars and going viral. I just look at the headlines and feel uninspired and wonder why I am here, Seriously. I wonder what am I doing in this place that is only about the money and the numbers. I once thought it was a place of ideas.

I just wish Medium would make a special category for all the stories about making money and going viral, so those of us who were here for another purpose do not have to consider leaving for our mental health.

I know there are still interesting writers on Medium writing about topics that are fulfilling, but one has to expose oneself to the money and numbers articles to find them/ Tremr does not pay writers, nor does it torture them with the measure and purpose of writing as money and numbers. Maybe it is better to just do Tremr for a while .

Its a long story . What is most important is first in in about section on

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