Societies of Resistance, Societies of Correspondence. Then, Now and Forever.

Mackenzie Andersen
6 min readMar 4, 2022

These are the days of serial transformation. If we thought things might be going back to “normal” by covid, Putin erased that thought. The world as we knew it last week is shattered by a man off his rails.

In Ukraine, some people just continued on in their daily lives as rumors of encroaching invasion grew louder, but each day it gets worse and the reality sinks in. Darkness in many forms descends upon the world, brought about by one man already causing thousands of deaths. The man has to be taken out, one way or another, but carefully. Pray it happens before nightfall.

Refugees, unprecedented in numbers since World War II, stream into surrounding countries. The Syrian refugees with darker skins have a worse situation. In Maine and across the USA the homeless situation has been growing worse. People find themselves sleeping outdoors, refugees in their own land.

The world has responded to the autocrat by freezing and then seizing the assets of his oligarchs. It is said the oligarchs stole their wealth from the Russian people and so the question is if the wealth is seized, will it be returned to the people from whom it was taken, and what will that process look like?

The Boothbay Peninsula where I reside is dominated by an oligarchy by which I mean rule by the few and has been that way for quite some time. It is how this Peninsula feels before the midnight hour when awakening begins anew.

Anastasiia Voitenko Unsplash

Recently I attended a Zoom meeting about the Maine housing situation but I didn’t fit the attendee profile. I only spoke twice but was interrupted by the host each time, stopping my thought from going further and I was not speaking for an inordinate length. There were a couple of speakers with whom a bridge was possible at another time and place but the hosts have their rules and expectations. After the second interruption, I left the meeting. There is no place in the existing paradigm of either housing or economic development for businesses in a home. I cannot fragment a wholistic reality into separate bits and pieces and process thoughts…

Mackenzie Andersen

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