The big issue for me with the S500 and $200 bonuses is that they have greatly destroyed the creative atmosphere of Medium by adding another monetary subject for those considered to be valuable contributors' by the Medium algorithm to write about.

I only clicked on your article because it said you didn't get it and then it turned out that you did get the earlier bonus. That's nice for you but since Medium is now clearly competing with Newsbreak which offers a similar incentive on similar terms Medium should also follow NewsBreaks policy of not talking about what one is paid in an NDA agreement.

I being a writer deemed utterly worthless by the moronic Medium algorithm to the point that my articles never receive distribution and the dipshit algorithm actually believes that what I want to have served up before me is a steady diet are writers writing about how much money they make, how viral they are and that they have been deemed worthier than thou by the Medium algorithm

This has turned Medium into an increasingly depressing and uninspiring environment. I recently checked the profile of a writer deemed worthier than I by being extended the invitation and found that he wrote many articles of the sort that I wish the algorithm would stop distributing in my feed so perhaps I should consider it a badge of quality that I was not selected as worthy by Medium,.

Its a long story . What is most important is first in in about section on