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Mackenzie Andersen
8 min readAug 15, 2021

Reality check on the rush to develop large-scale workforce housing on the Boothbay Peninsula and Beyond!

Hongkong version of the coveted large-scale workforce housing for the coveted large-scale employers. Skull Kat / Unsplash

There is a rather strange write-up by Joseph Carpentier in the local Maine paper, the Boothbay Register, Local utilities say large-scale housing development a non-issue. Strange because the story does not identify half the parties involved. It seems uncharacteristic of Joseph Carpentier, a factual and informative reporter, to arbitrarily take up the cause of large scale workforce housing and put together a story identifying players in the Region Water District and the Boothbay Region Refuse Disposal District and announcing that there is no overload threat to the sewage systems from “large scale workforce housing developments” without so much as identifying what “large scale” entails, where it is intended to be located, or the identity of housing groups that are “looking for paths to homeownership and rentals for the Boothbay peninsula’s workforce “

The absence of identity for any organizations, on the peninsula, calling for “large scale workforce housing”, hints at intentional concealment, and begs the question: Why?

The article also does not identify a “large scale peninsula workforce employer” that is suffering due to a lack of “large scale workforce housing”, on the peninsula.

Given the symbiotic relationship of the large scale employer to large scale workforce housing, it is inadequate to measure water and sewage needs of large scale workforce housing while not including the requirements of the large scale employer, which cannot be known if said employer does not currently exist.

If such a largescale workforce employer exists, It is commonplace that the employer’s voice is part of the conversation. There have been rumblings from the dining and accommodation industries, but not for lack of housing. Even Paul LePage complained about Trump restricting the J-1 Visas needed by the immigrants that work in the dining and accommodation industries where the LePage family enjoys summer employment in one of the most popular and well-paying…

Mackenzie Andersen

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