The New Waves, Surging In, and Rolling Out.

Local Community is in an uproar over repeated referendum vote, and I fall into a surprisingly compatible new stream.

Mackenzie Andersen
9 min readApr 24, 2024
This is a drawing of the making space and gallery that my Dad wanted to construct The flat roof is the production space where we taught and developed STEAM skills, The building was designed to merge into the hillside, If this were the road taken Andersen Design would likely still be in production. The Town would not allow my Dad to build this building, I don’t know why but I am told all the members of the deciding board stopped by to apologize to Dad before they died, but the damage was done.

When I had just graduated from Pratt, My friend Suzanne was going to many interviews looking for a job in textiles.

I stayed home and worked on my portfolio until one day I was in the mood to look for a job.

I took the subway to the textile district, went into a Chock Full of Nuts and ordered a cup of coffee. A man sitting next to me asked what I was doing and I said I am looking for a job as a colorist.

He told me that his friend was hiring at this address. I went to the address and got the job.

My friend Suzanne said, I don’t get it, I’ve been going out every day looking for a job and you go out once and get a job.

I said, The way I see it, I only need one job so I only have to go out looking for a job once. Simple mathematics.



Mackenzie Andersen

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