UPDATE, I now use "Show Less Of These Stories" with joy and abundance and now I have much better substance in my stream but still need to keep nixing more layers of annaoyance. I make just about the same income as I did when I first joined in 2019 which to say the expectation is for Medium to pay for itself. I view Medium as a more substantial Facebook. I am not here for the income but for the reading and mainly post my Substack Newsletter here. I write a locally driven Substack newsletter with a loyal readership base that doesn't pay but as a result of all that I am now fiscally sponsored on The Field (try to find it by googling I can't!) which means I can apply for grants. And I am getting many relevant grants flowing into my Facebook stream- maybe that is what is meant by the reccomendation alorythim. The grant opportunities flowing into my Facebook stream seem tailor made for me and applying is keeping me busy.

Its a long story . What is most important is first in in about section on www.andersendesign.biz

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