When I hear about this movement, I wonder what retirement means. I can't imagine that a life without work is very interesting or meaningful so I imagine it doesn't mean retire, it just means having enough money to do what one wants and that always involves work for me.

I can't imagine that people want a passive income so they can live a passive life and so the alternative is doing the work that one finds meaningful that one has put off doing so that one can have enough money to do it. I think there are other ways to achieve that goal.

I get the sense that this movement is a reaction to life in the corporate culture as in NOT having to live that life but having all the material rewards that the corporate culture once promised but that premise is less and less real because working for a living doesn't deliver those rewards anymore, as you more or less pointed out, and the reason the promise is broken is because of the social imbalance inherent in passive incomes.

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