While I appreciate the types of stories that the non-profit sector delivers that the commercial main stream industry does not, I also find the non-profit sector to be a very closed circle and do not belueve that contributions are without strings.

I write a very local newsletter for a small rural community. I have been an independent researcher- uncompensated- for about 15 years focusing in large part of Maine's economic development policies and history. I have used non-profits as a resource and at time written to them, at first be;ieving that there was a mutual shared interest in areas of reserach but since I never received a response to any of my communications, I have since dropped that delusion.

I looked upon my state government oversight organization as another ally but one day a Facebook conversation was immediatly closed down after I asked someone if they were the same person who works for OPEGA. Afterward I was accused of threatening the person, which I concluded meant he was threatened by me, since the conversation revealed that he felt his job was threatened by conversing with me. (story told in Medium story "Who do you think you are?)

Recently I wrote to Pro Publica asking if they ever featured newsletter writers. I did not receive an answer but months later I received notice of a job opportunity at Propublica for local news writers- however to apply one had to be co-apply with a non-profit organization. There was only one where I might fit. I wrote to them but per protocol, they have not replied so I cannot apply for the position at Pro Publica.

However I did get fiscally sponsored by the Field- but I realized I did not want to fund my letter through fiscal sponsorhip because I want to retain my freedom-so I decided to go with subscriptions which is not made easier when one is targeting a small local demographic.

However, in about an hour I am going to have a phone interview with Tealfeed, a new content provider platform from India who is selecting 100 newsletters for a program that will promote their subscriptions- I do not know much about it yet-but soon will.



Its a long story . What is most important is first in in about section on www.andersendesign.biz

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